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Welcome to this web page, which is devoted exclusively to supporting our men and women of the Armed Forces who are stationed overseas.

Our SOS — Support Our Soldiers program has four elements, each supported by your donations and fund raising events:

View a video showing the packing and sending of the Gift-Paks and Travel Kits.

Note: We are deliberately providing  a low-resolution video  (for Windows) to make it easier to provide an extended look at our activities.

Summary Report, May 1, 2013

The Rockland-Orange District of the Jewish War Veterans, and the six Veteran Posts within the District, can be very proud of their accomplishments to carry out programs to “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.” In February, 2002 we inaugurated our District program by making our first shipment of Gift-Pak Cartons to the 812th Military Police, whose home base is at the Military Reserve Center located in Orangeburg, NY.

Due to our very successful methods in implementing and shipping Gift-Pak Cartons to our troops overseas, in August, 2006 we added a  special program to provide IDF Convenience Kits to assist the Israel Defense Forces  who are our allies in fighting terrorists, with a separate fund raising drive that did not conflict with our “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” Program. In addition, every year we raise separate funds for a Special KOSHER FOR PASSOVER PROGRAM to supply our chaplains, lay leaders, and individual troops with KP cartons for the holidays.

In 2011, with our GI Travel Kit, we are able to supply many more men and women of our Armed Forces, regardless of their race, color, creed or religion, and let them know that The Jewish War Veterans and other supporters of the troops are thinking of them, and supplying them with some needed items that they can use.

Listed below is a summary of items shipped from February 2002 through May 1, 2013:


Included in the above was a total of 1596 GI TRAVEL KITS that were shipped to Ft. Bragg, NC and Ft. Riley, KS for the Easter Holiday to New York’s Famous Fighting 69th Infantry. The troops, who are part of New York’s 27th Brigade, received the kits on the day before they were again deployed, this time to Afghanistan. In March of 2008, we received from the Starbucks Coffee Denver region a donation of over 20000 one-pound bags of coffee. JWV shipped it to Ft. Bragg, NC, which the 82nd Airborne Division gratefully took with them when they were redeployed overseas. Other local Starbucks store employees have continuously donated their bags of Starbucks coffee (that they receive from Starbucks) to our JWV program to “Support our Troops.”

The financial help that we received from the Town of Ramapo, The Rockland County Legislature, officials of various municipal and state entities, the business and financial communities, and most important from our residents in Rockland have made our programs very successful.

Certificates of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation

We are very proud of the Certificate of Appreciation presented to us by the Multi-National Corps Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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