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Passover Gift Cartons

This year, as in years past, the Jewish War Veterans is collecting donations for Operation Matzo Meals.

Your gift to Operation Matzo Meals goes directly to the Jewish War Veterans to assist in their purchasing and shipping Kosher Passover foods and other items for soldiers overseas, who are unable to be home for the holiday with their families.

Reactions from Our Troops

Letter of Appreciation
Lt. Col. Benjamin Wallen, Jewish Lay Leader, U.S. Mission - Iraq, wrote (with pictures) thanking us for the Passover Gift Cartons, which we sent in 2013, and which contributed to a successful Passover Seder held in Baghdad on 26 March 2013.
Maj. Shmuel L. Felzenberg wrote from Fort Jackson, SC, with thanks for the Passover Gift Cartons which we sent this year, as follows:
Koshertroops and Mr. Farber of the JWV:  many thanks again for the wonderful support of Passover items 
you had so graciously and generously sent to Fort Jackson for use at our Seder for both Basic Trainees 
and AIT Soldiers.  The feedback from them was terrific, and the installation considered the event a 
resounding success.  Your support of Chaplain ministry in the Army and across the Armed Forces is noted 
and longstanding.  We look forward to doing more "business" together in the future in support of Soldiers, 
Sailors, Airmen, and Marines... Thank you again.

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Caveats: NONE
Letter of Appreciation TSgt. David Goldklang wrote from Al Udeid in Qatar with thanks for the Passover Gift Cartons which we sent this year, as follows:
Here are some pictures from our Passover seder. Once again thank you and
your organization for supporting Jewish military service members and civilians
in deployed location.
Certificate of Appreciation
We are very proud of the Certificate of Appreciation presented to us in April 2007 by the Multi-National Corps Iraq in honor of our Passover Gift Cartons.

Lt. Risa Simon letter

Lt. Risa Simon, USN, wrote thanking us for our support at Passover. Lt. Simon also posted an article describing Passover in Baghdad 2007; you may read it  here .

And she posted on the Internet pictures from her Holidays in Baghdad, which you may view  here .

How You Can Help
Contribute To Our Passover Gift Cartons

Contributions mailed to the Rockland/Orange District Council, Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. help us to continue shipping Passover Gift Cartons. All of our members are volunteers and all funds received are directed entirely to this project.

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Gifts for troops is a service of  The Rockland / Orange District Council of the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A.